Sunnypraise Adoga – Your Christmas Song [Full EP Download]

Sunnypraise Adoga – Your Christmas Song [Full EP Download]


Sunnypraise Adoga, Your Christmas Song (Ep0

“Your Christmas Song” encapsulates four benevolent tracks. It is a lullaby, a message, a celebration heraldry, and a proclamation of the gospel of the coming of the Lord. The EP transitions from the first track “Joy to the World”, to “Your Christmas Song (Emmanuel We Hail Thee)”, the title track, then to “Christmas Celebration (Revamp)” and finally, “Joyful Carol”.

“Joy to the World” heralds the coming of the Lord, which brings joy to all humanity. “Your Christmas Song” is a lullaby, a Christmas song, and a brand new song to the new born King and Prince of peace. “Christmas Celebration”, was composed for the 2016 Christmas but was not disbributed. “Christmas Celebration (Revamp)” is the polished and distributed version of the song. “Joyful Carol” is a joyful groove for the yuletide. Get your dancing shoes on as you prepare to vibe to this melodic tune.





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