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    Sunnypraise Adoga - Spirit of Victory (EP)


    Sunnypraise Adoga unleashes an Extended Play (EP), coming from the archives of the "Spirit Of Victory Album".

    The Spirit Of Victory EP, consists of songs like Everything I Want, Wonderful Wonder, Ohonyeta, and Imela (Ainya).

    "Everything I Want", is a song which declares Sunnypraise's decision to serve and worship God alone, having made God the point of his focus, attention and concentration. It is a simple, solemn calm worship song that imbibe the elements of repetition and variation.

    Wonderful Wonder features a spice of solemness, a worship song that reminisce the wonderfulness and awe-striking awesomeness of God. He is the "Wonderful Wonder".

    Ohonyeta is an Idoma word that means "Savior" or "Deliverer". This is a perfect song in times of trials and tribulations. Our God is the only Saviour that ever was, ever is, and ever will be, and only Him can deliver when there seems to be no way.

    The song Imela(Ainya) is a makosa gospel praise jam.  Imela which means thank you, connotes the same meaning with Ainya. While Imela is an Igbo word, Ainya is an Idoma word. Imela(Ainya) is an appreciation of the wonderful works of God, delivered in a danceable rhythm for the rejoicing of the saints.

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